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Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Sissy's Worn Nylon Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

Get out your little bottle of poppers, i suspect this will be the last time you use them. That tiny little rush? It's nothing compared to the pleasure you get from inhaling my worn nylons.

you're going to be be a good little poppers slut, you're going to amuse me, you're going to earn this little gift.

First sniff your silly poppers and suck my filthy heel you depraved little sissy slut. Lick up all that filth. Look at you, all riled up from your silly little sniffing addiction. Take off your latex panties, let me see your clitty in that little cage. I'm going to allow you to take it off. you're going to edge to my nylon toes, my perfect soft feet, my fragrant worn pantyhose.

Go ahead, rub that little clitty. The next time you pull something up over your little cage, something tight & feminine, its going to be these worn pantyhose.

Sniff your poppers sissy bitch. Sniff & stroke.

Put the cage back on. That's right. you're not to cum again until My perfect well worn Wolfords are in your possession. your addiction is so deep. you will obey, keeping your cage on until you can throw away your little bottle of poppers and sniff only these. Then you can sniff and edge and stroke and sniff to your little sissy heart's content.

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Includes sissy training, orgasm denial, orgasm control, pantyhose domination, latex, chastity, sissy sluts

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19 minutes



Sissy - Addicted & Denied
Featuring Star Nine

Out of your cage for almost a week, does it make you feel like a man?

You're addicted, and when you're an addict, that's the only thing you have room for in your life. The poppers merely mask your true addiction, which is to my shiny, perfect goddess feet, legs, body, mind. My soothing, sexy, voice. The way I make you do what you truly deeply yearn to do.

I'm going to prove your addiction to you right now. Think of that cage and everything it represents. Now think of your little clitty swinging free between your legs, and everything that represents. Now beg me. Beg me to cage up your little clitty for me. You don't need the aid of poppers for this.

See, your addiction is only to me. Those poppers only cement things, but you're right, we should cement it, shouldn't we. You're going to be begging to send me that key. You're going to realize that you don't need it anymore. That you don't need to stroke and cum. You don't need anything but me.

Beg me for permission to let you rub your little clitty. Do you think you really deserve to come? Admit that you're my little sissy addict. Admit. Beg. Whiff. You want to throw your life away for me, give everything to this addiction. You'll take all the risks, because you're not taking that cage off for another week. Take another whiff, maybe it will soften the blow.

That's right sissy, I'm not going to let you cum today.

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Includes orgasm denial, sissy sluts, chastity, latex, mind fuck

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