Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Susceptible While Stroking
Featuring Star Nine

How easily exploited you are; I can manipulate you so easily into doing exactly what I want. Oh I'm not talking about hypnosis, of course it's easy to hypnotize you too. I'm talking about making you so excited about something that you just have to do it.

It's been proven in neurological studies - get a man hard, get him actively stroking, and he'll do all kinds of things that he'd find repulsive under other circumstances. A slave to your hormones.

I'll prove my point, by the time this clip is over, you'll have agreed to put a plug in your ass and cover it with satin panties for Me. Don't believe me? Start stroking, it's for science. So horny, so lustful, so fucking turned on that you'll do anything right now including placing that order for those satin panties and that stainless steel butt plug . . . along with a few additional items for me. Stroke stroke spend.

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Includes financial domination, cei, joi, masturbation instruction, pantyhose domination, mind fuck

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21 minutes



Nylon Foot Session
Featuring Candle Boxxx

It's your first session with Candle, she tests you; teases you with her tall, shiny, black heels and long legs in dark nylon pantyhose. She wants to see what trips your trigger. You quickly become a drooling mess as she pops her stiletto, arches her nylon foot up, rubs her sole. She slowly removes her shoes and poses her black nylon feet, instructing you to kegel. She's got you pegged. A foot obsessed drooling mess. She let you stroke in between kegels, finally instructing you to cum on her nylon feet. She has read you perfectly. Next session, you will bring a tribute of new heels, and she will give you the ones she has walked in with your cum brushing up against them.

Includes foot slave training, POV foot session, foot fetish, foot play, dangling, heel pops, nylon feet, masturbation instruction, JOI

8 minutes



Mommy's Pantyhose
Featuring Nyxon

Nyxon catches you peaking around the wall at her in the living room. What are you hiding from? Did you take something that doesn't belong to you? No, she's not talking about one of your friends' toys. You stole mommy's pantyhose! She found them in your room while she was putting away your laundry.

What a dirty little pervert, were you sniffing the feet? The crotch where it smells like mommy's pussy? Well, you aren't in trouble, but you do have to show mommy exactly what you were doing with them . . .

Includes taboo, JOI, masturbation instruction, foot smelling, worn pantyhose

7 minutes



Pervy Boss Punishment
Featuring Dixie Comet

You're always making up excuses to stop in Dixie's office to drool over her hosed legs, it's your right isn't it? You are technically her boss after all.

She calls you out this time, threatening to go to HR with a sexual harassment charge, she has proof. Instead, she offers to turn the tables, treat you like a sexual object.

Dixie instructs you to unzip your pants, pull out that cock that she's felt rub up against her ass so many times. You whip it out and she laughs, you're a pretty big man, she thought your cock would be larger than that. Dixie orders you to stroke your tiny cock to her hosed legs. She dangles her tall heels in your face and teases you with her ass, telling you to jerk it harder.

She continues to humiliate you before giving you a countdown and forcing you to eat your cum. Now get the fuck out of her office and leave her alone.

Includes nude pantyhose, control top pantyhose, office domination, secretary, JOI, masturbation instruction, small penis humiliation, cum eating instruction, dangling

10 minutes



Dance Student JOI
Featuring Star Nine

Star is stretching in her leotard and shiny, sheer, pantyhose, it takes her awhile to notice you. She assumes that you're looking for your wife, her dance instructor. You've been staring, watching her long toned legs in their shiny pantyhose.

How long were you standing there? You like what you see?

Star does some more stretches, watching you watching her. She asks you whether your wife was a dancer when you met. If that's what attracted you to her, your hard-on for toned, tight, flexible dancer bodies?

Attraction can be a powerful thing, I bet you're uncontrollably attracted to my body right now. I like having this power over you. I think it would be absolutely amazing if you unzipped your pants. I would never tell her, I would just love to know that I have this kind of power over something she thinks she owns.

Star invites you to cum all over her tight, toned, dancer ass. Talking about how you'll be thinking of each other later - when you're trying to get it up for your old wife, when she's putting up with her jealous dance instructor.

Includes masturbation instruction, pantyhose modeling

11 minutes



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