Star's Pantyhose Perversions

Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Office Romance
Featuring Elizabeth Andrews & Star Nine

Star has a lunch date with Elizabeth Andrews, her boss. It's a Friday and none of the other employees have returned from lunch yet. Star is wearing pantyhose as requested. Lizz slips Star out of her skirt and admires the way the pantyhose make her ass look. She slips her own skirt off and rubs her hosed legs up against Star's. Lizz pulls out the hitatchi and teases Star with a long build up. Star cums rubbing her bosses' pantyhose.

Includes pantyhose orgasms, office sex

7 minutes



Star Stuffs Her Hose
Featuring Star Nine

Star has had a long day at work & is finally sitting down to relax. She takes off her heels & notices a run in her hose, what a shame, they were one of her favorite pairs. So soft. Oh well, they must be trash, mmm, but they smell so good. Star sucks on her hosed feet, then removes the hose and stuffs them in her mouth. The scent is intoxicating & she is so turned on she decides to stuff the hose into her wet pussy. She fucks herself with the balled up, soft, textured material. It feels amazing, she cums hard & then slowly removes the pantyhose, smelling & tasting it as she makes herself cum again.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, pantyhose stuffing, pantyhose foot worship

9 minutes



Layers & Layers Of Pantyhose
Featuring Hannah Perez

Did you see what Hannah has down there? Four pairs of pantyhose & she's going to put them all on for you. So while she's getting started pulling the first pair over her long legs, why don't you go ahead and drop your pants. Don't you love the way they feel, the way they smell? She wants you to play with her in her pantyhose as the added layers constrict her gorgeous form more & more.

Includes masturbation instruction, layered pantyhose, pantyhose modeling

11 minutes



You Should Go Out In Pantyhose
Featuring Whitney Morgan & Star Nine

Whitney & Star are getting ready for a night out. Star slips into her pantyhose, while Whitney struggles with her garter belt. When Star realizes what Whitney is up to, she convinces her to wear pantyhose to the club. Whitney doesn't really understand, but she decides to humor Star, putting on the pantyhose before heading to the bathroom to do her makeup. Star worked herself up talking Whitney into the pantyhose & manages to sneak a quick hitatchi session in, finishing just in time.

Includes pantyhose masturbation

10 minutes



After Office Solo
Featuring Addie Juniper

Addie comes home and plops down on her bed, she removes her shoes & rubs her feet through her nude hose. She likes how nice and smooth the hose make her legs and she rubs them together, flexing her reinforced toes. She slips out of her suit and starts to run her hands over the gusset of her pantyhose. She selects a toy, rubbing it over her pantyhose at first and then plunging it into her wet pussy to make herself cum.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, nude pantyhose, reinforced toes

10 minutes



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