Star's Pantyhose Perversions

Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Pantyhose Threesome
Featuring Randy Moore & Star Nine

Randy and Star want to have a pantyhose threesome with you, so what are you waiting for? You know you have a pair of pantyhose lying around somewhere, so why don't you pull them over your big muscular legs so that you can slide your pantyhose all over ours. We want to feel your bulge through your pantyhose rubbing back and forth all over our silky smooth legs, sandwiched between our silky hosed asses. Touch yourself through your pantyhose, that's right, cum in your pantyhose with us.

Includes pantyhose tribbing, colored pantyhose

10 minutes



Alone With The Wolfords
Featuring Star Nine

Star has been waiting all day to get home and play with her Wolfords. Finally alone, she sniffs and rubs them against her bare legs before pulling them on. She notes how perfectly snug they feel against her skin. She lies down & admires her legs & soles before her hands find their way to the cotton panel. Reaching for the Hitatchi, she comes hard with her hosed legs squeezed tight around the head and then continues to tease herself with her fingers. The amazing orgasm was with the wait.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, Wolfords

12 minutes



Serene Isley: The Interview
Featuring Serene Isley

Serene Isley talks about how she started wearing pantyhose as an adult and why she loves them so much that she even wears them under her jeans.

Includes real life pantyhose, interviews

3 minutes



Head To Toe Pantyhose
Featuring Elizabeth Andrews & Serene Isley

Serene has been having a bad week, so Lizz comes over to cheer her up with a bag full of goodies. Cupcakes? No, pantyhose!

Lizz is going to cover Serene head to toe in pantyhose. She starts by pulling a white pair over the nude hose that Serene is already wearing. Next she cuts the crotch out of a darker pair for Serene's arms & chest. Serene is feeling better already, enjoying the different colors and textures. Lizz uses two blue pairs to fashion a pantyhose hood for Serene before pulling another layer over Serene's legs.

Once Lizz has Serene all nicely wrapped up, it's time for some sensation play . . . apparently the layers of nylon make Serene *more* ticklish.

Includes pantyhose encasement, tickling

14 minutes



Distracted By The Wolfords
Featuring Star Nine

Star has so much office work to do after being away on tour for weeks. Her desk is littered with receipts and her upcoming schedule is missing key details, like meeting locations. As much as she tries to focus, Star keeps getting distracted by the feel of her new pantyhose, they just look and feel so amazing that she can't keep her hands off herself. She tries reading a report to keep her mind off them, but it's useless. Star finally comes up with a new rule "no wearing Wolfords to work" and changes into a pair of drug store hose, telling herself she can play with the Wolfrods when she gets home.

Includes pantyhose legs, pantyhose feet, wolfords

11 minutes



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