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Dominated At Home & The Office 2
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Your life has gone downhill since your boss and your wife met. Between Star dominating you at the office and your wife dominating you at home, you're a changed man . . . and now Kym has found a new way to keep you in line.

You arrive home late from work, horrified to find your boss on the couch next to your wife. You silently pray for mercy. Has she already told her?

Of course Kym is all too happy to tell your boss about your new routine. She sadistically shares your secret. Revealing the tiny key she keeps in her shoe and detailing your new milking schedule.

Star laughs with glee. To your horror Kym makes you go through with your post work milking right in front of your boss, forcing you to get hard in your cruel cage first.

Includes pantyhose domination, chastity, double domination

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13 minutes



Malleable 3
Featuring Arielle Lane & Cupcake SinClair

Cupcake SinClair is having trouble focusing at work again. She's reprimanded by her new boss ,Arielle Lane for being late with the spreadsheets. Arielle is surprised when Cupcake drops to her knees and begins to nuzzle her legs. Arielle is sure she can do better and tells her to get back to work, but Cupcake lingers, looking for discipline. Arielle puts her back on track with an over-the-knee spanking.

Includes office domination, spanking

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9 minutes



Sleepy Worship
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie can't help herself when she comes across her roommate Star asleep in the living room. Star's shiny pantyhose glimmer in the lamp light drawing Dixie to her soft nylon feet. Dixie tentatively runs her mouth over Star's soft arches, she lifts a leg to suck and lick the toes.

Dixie is really enjoying herself and Star doesn't seem to be easily disturbed, leading her to indulge even further. Dixie begins to masturbate over her panties, moaning as she worships Star's sleepy soles. She doesn't notice at first when Star begins to open her eyes, to smile & peak.

Includes sleepy fetish, foot worship, pantyhose

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10 minutes



Sharing Cock
Featuring Star Nine

After a long night out dancing, I make one of your biggest fantasies come true in the dawn hours. Remember that time you told me how much it would turn you on to share a cock with me? Remember that hot guy I was talking to when you went to the bathroom? That must be him at the door.

I leave my black pantyhose on while I ride you and we both suck his cock. I let you decide whether you want to let him have my pussy when I turn around to fuck you reverse cowgirl. You let him cum in me. I suck your wet cock until you cum in my mouth and then you eat his cum out of my wet pussy before sharing a sloppy kiss with me. I remove my pantyhose and offer them to our guest as a parting gift.

Includes pantyhose, virtual sex

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15 minutes



Begging For Her Job
Featuring Cupcake SinClair

Cupcake fidgets in your office. Her job is on the line and she begs you for a second chance. She nervously smooths her pantyhose and dangles her heel. Your eyes are drawn to her dangling heel as she continues to plead her case. She crosses and uncrosses her legs, dangling the other heel. Cupcake notices your distraction & tries to use it to her advantage, slowly stripping to her bra and pantyhose, spreading her legs to show off the patch of hair beneath her seamless tights. Please, won't you just give her another chance?

Includes dangling, pantyhose, secretary

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