Star's Pantyhose Perversions

Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Nylon Lover Transformation
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

With a special potion Goddess Star gives you a gift that you never dared dream of, the experience of a lifetime, the chance to temporarily inhabit the body of a Goddess.

Your eyes flutter open from the most wonderful dream. Goddess Star was there promising you the most amazing things. Your look up and see Star watching over you & your long sleek nylon legs. It's incredible, you never dared imagine. You run your hands over your new legs.

Goddess Star rubs your long nylon legs with her silky nylon feet, you press your matching 8.5's together. You experience the deepest bliss. You can't help but ask to touch your new pussy. Star denies you this at first, teasing you with her soft nylon toes. Sparks shoot through your clit. A new sensation, you can barely handle it. Finally Star shows you how to rub your pussy & allows you to cum. You can't bear the thought of returning to your old male body.

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Includes gender transformation, pantyhose, transformation fantasies

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Your Nylon Fetish Exposed
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

I punish you for slacking off at work by swinging by your house for a surprise visit. I'm sitting with your hot little wife, Janira, when you walk in. You involuntarily gasp, correctly guessing that you're in big trouble.

I teach wifey all about your humiliating nylon foot fetish, I show her exactly how I keep you in line. Your home life is about to get turned upside down, now that she knows that you're just a pathetic little foot slave. I rub it in deep, massaging and worshiping your wife's soft soles while you kneel before us like a little bitch.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot humiliation, double domination

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Your Worn Nylon Collection
Featuring Star Nine

I know all about your worn nylon collection. You're going to play with them for me while I tease you with my sheer black pantyhose. Experience the sensation, the scent, the taste of those well worn pantyhose. Wrap your cock with them. Imagine gliding your nylon cock up my nylon legs, over my soft gusset. Your cock is dripping in my worn pantyhose as I instruct you to stroke and cum in my dirty worn nylons.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, JOI

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Wined, Dined & Imprinted
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

You were shocked when Janira & Star turned out to be the company reps who wine & dined & clubbed you. Women are usually left out of this high level corporate courtship. After dinner at the cities most exclusive steak house/sex club you've somehow ended up back at their place instead of with some high-end hooker. The erotic charge is there though. The way you're used to these nights ending.

They tease you with their nylon feet & you playfully get down on the floor to sniff and stroke them. You think this is foreplay, soon to be a threesome that will leave you untouched & their reputations tarnished.

Your full belly and warm fuzzy buzz have made you succuptable to suggestion. Instead of working their clothes off & your way into their bedroom, they soon have you in a deep foot obsessed trance. You're in no place to discuss numbers and proceedures, but as they tease you with their long nylon legs and soft nylon soles they are able to usefully implant you for the future. Just the slightest dangle in the conference room & you will be hopelessly desperate to please.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, foot domination, double domination

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Financial Advisor
Featuring Star Nine

The company bonuses came with a free financial planning session this year, extra bonus - the advisor is HOT - her skirt and top hug her body tightly, her long legs glisten in shimmering pantyhose. She congratulates you on your bonus and muses on what you should spend it on. Your company's 401K matching is more than adequate. Your salary covers your expenses. You really have no need for this extra money - in fact you could really get in a mess with it.

What is it that you value? Luxury travel? Fancy meals? Expensive clothing. A step up in lifestyle - you don't really want any of those things do you? You have your habits, your routine. Your sports bar, that delicious burger, that ratty old sentimental t-shirt. You don't need this money do you? It will only really lead to stress. I can do you a favor. Take it off your hands. I know exactly what to do with it.

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Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination

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