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Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Filthy Nylon Incentives
Featuring Dixie Comet

Your sales numbers have hit an all time low since Dixie drained your 401K. You're no longer the positive upbeat high performer you once were. You don't even chase all the nylon wearing secretaries around the office anymore. And the company has definitely noticed.

Knowing how easy you are to manipulate, Dixie really doesn't want to see you go. So she's developed a three point plan to get you back on track with positive reinforcement in the form of dirty nylon feet.

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Includes pantyhose domination, dirty feet

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10 minutes



Dice Game With Stella & Star
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

I know how much you loved our last dice game . Stella and I are introducing a new one, with a twist. Odds you pay, evens you stroke. Wanna cum? That's going to take double sixes twice in a row. Your debt adds up quick as you stroke to our perfect black nylon feet and legs. Paying and stroking with no end in sight.

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Includes pantyhose domination, double domination, JOI Games

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15 minutes



Fatal Pass
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

You nervously watch me with your wife on the couch. We're all drinking together, like old times, when you first met. I wouldn't dare would I?

You're so nervous you're chugging straight from the bottle, tuning us out, staring at our shimmering nylon legs as you try to convince yourself it's all going to be okay.

You break into a sweat as I lean forward and bring up the elephant in the room. Why do you look so nervous? Are you worried that I told her what you did?

Roxie and I break into laughter. Of course I told her! She's my best friend. I've known her longer than you. I told her all about it. Your fatal error. The way you just couldn't help yourself from reaching out and touching my toned nylon leg. I show Roxie exactly how you did it, mock the excuses you made.

You keep drinking. This couldn't get any worse. You watch as your wife and I taunt you with our nylon legs. Removing our heels and stroking each other's pantyhose. It becomes hard to breathe. We notice and laugh as your face turns colors. It really was a fatal pass. That life insurance policy, all that money you were saving, Roxie is going to be one rich widow.

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Includes pantyhose, executrix, double domination

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8 minutes



Sheer Pantyhose Games
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella Liberty & I tease you with our sheer nylon feet and legs, encouraging you to stroke to our glossy pantyhose. It's pure torment isn't it? Watching Stella and I enjoy our shimmering feet, legs, asses - stroking and licking each other's glossy pantyhose while all you can do is stare and stroke.

You'd better be prepared, because the torment just goes on and on as Stella and I decide to play some games with you. We keep you on your toes with a long game of red light, green light before finally allowing you to lick your cum off our perfect sheer nylon toes.

Includes pantyhose domination, JOI games

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19 minutes



Blackmailed By HR
Featuring Dixie Comet

Technically Dixie is supposed to be firing you, just look at that thick folder of complaints, all about you. She's prepared to make an offer though, Dixie is very resourceful. While she was preparing the paperwork for your termination she noticed something interesting. Your performance bonuses, you rolled them all into your 401k. Smart boy, most of the associates blow theirs on strippers and vacations. Dixie could make all those pesky little complaints go away if you were to just sign her on as the beneficiary of your 401k. Of course, she's prepared to do a little convincing . . .

Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, blackmail

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11 minutes



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