Star's Pantyhose Perversions

Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Encasement Girlfriends
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

I love watching Arielle encased in nylon, stretched spread eagle on my bed. I watch her arch and wiggle for a moment before gliding my nylon encased body against her. I kiss, tease, tickle, torment, and pleasure her nylon covered flesh. Arielle cums over and over again as I rub the hitatchi over her nylon covered pussy. I pull the waist of her pantyhose and slip the powerful vibrator inside so that I can cum too, before leaving her to arch up against it, still restrained by her nylon binds.

Includes nylon encasement, pantyhose, lesbian domination

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13 minutes



Foot Smelling Schoolgirl
Featuring Dixie Comet, Star Nine & Cupcake SinClair

Cupcake is in Dixie & Star's teacher assigned study group. They aren't amused to be spending time with her outside of school, but maybe they can just get her to do all the work for them while they gossip and play with their phones.

Cupcake doesn't think that's fair. She stands up to leave, but Star quickly pins her to the floor. Dixie & Star schoolgirl pin Cupcake and trade off making her smell their stinky nylon feet until she gives in.

Includes pantyhose domination, foot smelling, schoolgirls

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12 minutes



The Applicant
Featuring Star Nine & Jay Wimp

He's unqualified. Unprepared. Nervous. Fidgety.

Star toys with him throughout the interview, dangling her high heels, rubbing her nylon legs together. She establishes how desperate he is and soon has him by the tie, on his knees worshiping her nylon feet solely for her amusement - he's clearly not getting the job.

Includes office domination, foot domination, pantyhose domination

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9 minutes



Seduced By Nylon Soles
Featuring Star Nine & Jay Wimp

Star Nine's captor is in over his head. He had simple orders to keep her tied up and under watch, but he's easily seduced by her nylon soles.

Star quietly tries to free herself as the guard stares at his phone. She slips her high heels off and tries to loosen the rope around her ankles. He catches her at it, but is soon seduced into first massaging and then untying her feet.

Once Star's feet are freed, that guard is in trouble! She repeatedly kicks and knees him until he falls to the ground from a final hard kick to the balls. She wraps her long nylon legs around his neck, locking him in a scissor hold while she frees her wrists.

Includes pantyhose domination, ballbusting, scissorhold

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11 minutes



Nyssa's Sweaty Nylons Jeans Tease
Featuring Nyssa Nevers

Nyssa Nevers dangles her ballet flats off her sweaty nylon feet. She's worn them special just for your session. The aroma wafts to your eager nose as you kneel before her. She spreads her toes and allows you a sniff and a kiss.

You're frustrated by the skintight jeans she has on over her pantyhose. She can tell and she teases you with the zippered ankles. Her nylons are like a second skin, trapping in her scent, her sweat, her essence. She slowly removes the jeans showing off her amazing nylon ass and wrinkled soles.

She wiggles and spreads her toes allowing you to taste and smell her delicious nylon feet.

Includes pantyhose, jeans, foot fetish

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9 minutes



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