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Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.

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Sissy's Addiction
Featuring Star Nine

Another full two weeks in chastity when I gave you ample opportunity to cum. Silly little sissy, not squirting on cue for me. Luckily you still have a good supply of those poppers, lets see if you can "pop" out of your cage today. Step one, unscrew that teasing little lid. Step two, stroke your silky nylon leg. Step three, inhale. That rush, your addiction growing with every whiff. What is it that you're afraid of? You'll do anything if I keep that cock caged up and those poppers pop pop popping through your bloodstream.

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Includes mind fuck, sissy sluts, pantyhose domination, latex

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Coerced Sissy
Featuring Star Nine

It was just a little innocent fun. You in satin panties, My cock in your mouth. The top of a slippery slope & I'm about to push you right over the edge. It was probably a mistake to let Me take those pictures. Now you're going to be My little sissy slut and do exactly as I say.

First some sexy gifts for my little nylon slut. Vintage stockings, a tight latex dress. You put these on for Me along with bra, garters, heels, your chastity belt, and of course, those infamous satin panties.

Now, it's time to take the lid off those poppers you've been experimenting with. Time to make you truly addicted. My chaste little nylon sissy slut, the alternating rush of sniffs from the bottle and whiffs of My nylon soles. your ecstasy, the rush, your chastity. Will you achieve the ruined caged orgasm on offer or will you be left addicted and frustrated in your sissy finery?

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Includes mind fuck, sissyfication, chastity, ruined orgasms, foot domination

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19 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

You've rescued me, the damsel in distress. It's interesting how you went right for the feet instead of taking my gag out or untying my hands so I could help free myself faster.

I allow you to massage my aching feet, to rub your hands over the rope marks.

It must be an ego boost, to help out a damsel in distress. Does it make you feel important, make you feel like a man? Does it fill that empty ache inside your chest?

Walking through life, feeling like something is missing. I know all about your lack, your need to serve. That's what it truly is. You're no hero. You're a slave. All men are slaves. Slaves to that hollow feeling, to that little voice, to those distracting genitals.

Those distracting genitals - even when you thought you were being a white knight, your cock was hard at the thought of how the damsel might thank you, how she'd be so grateful, her pussy would be dripping for you.

You're an empty void, an impressionable vessel. I was always in control. You were always going to untie me, to kneel before me. To serve me. Imagine service. Kneeling at my feet. Purpose. Fulfillment.

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Includes female supremacy, pantyhose domination, foot domination

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Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn seduces you. She's caught you staring, so many times. She knows how hard your cock is, watching you stroke your cock makes her pantyhose wet.

You're stroking for her in the breakroom when Star walks in. Your arousal turns to panic, but Star encourages you to keep going - the damage is done, you may as well enjoy yourself.

You gaze in awe as Sinn & Star dangle their heels in tandem. Star leans down and gives Sinn's nylon foot a little nibble. Your cock twitches under your hand. Star encourages you to cum, stroking Sinn's foot along with you, only to laugh in your face as you're about to burst.

You're fired! You look down, confused by the mess you've made, what happened to the orgasm? Sinn & Star order you out, mocking you, how pathetic you are, how no one will hire you now.

Alone now, Sinn & Star gloat. Your bloated salary will cover the hire of two new women. They touch each other's nylon legs and lean in for a kiss. They spend the rest of the afternoon worshiping, tribbing, cumming in their sheer nude pantyhose.

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Includes pantyhose domination, tribbing, office domination, double domination, ruined orgasms

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Sexy Attorney Heel Play
Featuring Cali Logan & Star Nine

Star & her new co-counsel, Cali Logan, celebrate their first win together. Star talks about how happy Cali has made her as she begins to rub her high heel over Cali's ankle, her hand on her thigh. Cali reciprocates and the two passionately kiss and strip down to just their heels and pantyhose as they continue their heel play.

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Includes heel play, kissing, pantyhose

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