Star's Pantyhose Perversions
Star's Pantyhose Perversions - watch Star Nine and her girlfriends play in their pantyhose in naughty pay-per-download videos.
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Goddess Transformation
Featuring Star Nine

Open your senses, quiet your mind, slip on a pair of My silky, shiny, delicately scented worn pantyhose and transform. Gaze down at long, sexy, nylon legs. Ignore your erection and feel instead the tight nylon pressing up between your legs. Experience the superior pleasure of female anatomy as you cross and uncross long toned legs, nylon toes curling in ecstasy. Feel limitless in your surrender to Me.

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Includes gender transformation, pantyhose, goddess worship, , transfer+fetish

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11 minutes



Pantyhose Infantilization 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Investigative reporter, Star Nine, returns to the scene of the crime. The place where she was overpowered, forced into special shiny pantyhose, and regressed to a mindless cumming infant.

She enters the room and picks up a pair of the special pantyhose. She is transported back to the pantyhose nursery as she recalls the fell of the nylon on her legs, the pacifier in her mouth, the sensation of mindlessly cumming over and over and over.

She realizes her mistake, but it's too late. Ashley Lane, the ring leader of this nefarious operation has been watching over her shoulder.

Ashley grabs Star and prevents her from leaving. Events begin to repeat themselves as Star is forcibly stripped down. She struggles as a pair of the special, shiny, pantyhose are pulled on over her head and tied behind her like a strait jacket.

She stands and backs away from the villain, but steps right into another pair of the regression pantyhose. Ashley slowly pulls them up her legs as Star protests. When the pantyhose are almost up, she stands back to gloat. She offers Star one last chance to free herself, to be an adult. To her horror, Star shouts out that she wants the regression to be complete!

Ashley pulls the pantyhose up the final few inches and Star instantly cums as they hit her hips. Helplessly regressed, Star eagerly accepts Ashley's pacifier and lies down on the floor, pumping her legs in their shiny pantyhose and moaning in pleasure.

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, struggling, nylon encasement, shiny pantyhose

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14 minutes



Hitwoman POV
Featuring Star Nine

What if I told you getting caught was part of the plan all along? You've sneaked up on me, your hands shaking, ready to defend your property. I face you and raise my hands, removing my grotesque nylon mask. You've "caught" me, but I'm sure we can work something out. Your defenses weaken as I strip down out of my black skirt and button down, revealing my tight body in shiny black pantyhose and a sexy bodysuit. Soon you're eagerly sitting close enough to touch as I disarm you further, putting on a sexy little show. Close enough to touch, what a deadly mistake.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, mind fuck, nylon mask

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Pantyhose Infantilization
Featuring Luna Lain & Star Nine

Investigative journalist, Star Nine, finds herself in over her head when she follows a lead in a missing women case. Entering the location where several missing women we last seen, Star comes across Pantyhose Executive, Luna Lain, admiring the latest model of her mind control pantyhose.

Star listens in horror as Luna schemes about find a new woman to test the latest version of her age regression pantyhose. Realizing she is in danger, Star turns to leave but Luna hears her and drags her back into the room. Star tries to convince Luna to release her, but Luna is bent on testing her latest product. She forcibly strips the distressed journalist, forcing her arms into a nylon sleeve before ever so slowly rolling the pantyhose up her long slender legs.

Star struggles as the shiny pantyhose creep up her legs, slowly regressing her and arousing her. The nylon takes control of her mind ever so slowly. She tries to fight it, but finds herself moaning in pleasure. As the pantyhose reach her hips she is already pumping her legs in the air like a baby & she eagerly opens her mouth for Luna to insert a pacifier.

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, struggling, damsel in distress, shiny pantyhose

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15 minutes



CD Peril POV
Featuring Star Nine

You can hardly believe it, a dream come true, sexy, leggy Domme Star Nine is sitting on your couch! Reaching into her rope bag, to tie you up! You've dressed up in your tallest heels, your shiniest pantyhose, your largest fake tits and your pinkest lipstick for her. She's critical of your appearance, pointing out the unfortunate features of your neck and your five'o'clock shadow. It's humiliating, but you like it. You eagerly place your ankles in her lap to receive her rope. It feels so good to relinquish control to a real woman. You wince as she cranks your elbows together behind your back, you can barely take it, but you'll do it for her.

Once you're tightly bound, Star reclines on the couch, pointing her long sexy nylon legs towards you. She quizzes you, asking what the most important thing to always be aware of as a woman is. Your guesses are almost as pathetic as you are. Star explains that the most important thing for a woman to always be aware of is her own safety. You obviously don't know that, seeing as how you didn't ask any questions when booking Star to come over. No references, no queries as to safety protocol.

Tired of your pathetic mumbling, Star pops a large black ball gag between your pathetic thin man lips. She leaves to struggle in the unbearably tight ropes as she walks through your house, deciding what to take. She returns with your girlish pink cell phone & proceeds to document your predicament, instructing you to pose like all those damsel in distress photos, urging you to smile. The threat of exposure makes you eager to divulge your pin number. Of course, Star can't have you trying to cancel your cards while she's busy draining you.

You struggle to keep your eyes open as you watch her walk away, desperately wondering whether she will ever come back to untie you.

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Includes blackmail fantasy, crossdresser, bondage pov, femdom pov

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